Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kicked in the (insert body part here)

I have to say, I think I'm getting pretty big. I'm 31 weeks now (how awful, no blogging for three months) and the baby is definitely letting it's presence be known. I think we might be having a girl, but only time will tell for sure. We've chosen Nash Edward and Autumn Nicole for the names. I've been kicked almost everywhere, from the stomach, ribs, bladder, rectum, and the most tingly of all, the cervix. It's almost electric, being kicked in the cervix.

We started our childbirth classes last week and will continue them for five more weeks. Apparently I missed the memo where we were supposed to bring pillows, but we'll do that next week. We also signed up for a doula, mostly because I know Jimmie won't be able to handle me being in pain and I want someone not emotionally involved there to coach us through everything. I want my mom to be there but I'm not interested in Mary being there. Jimmie finds this extremely unfair to his mother, but he would not want my mom there if his behind was hanging out. Besides, she has a daughter and probably got to see Benjamin being born. I've tentatively agreed to let her come in, but she's going to be kicked out if she can't shut up (she's a talker, and talks constantly to fill any silence, ad nauseum, about anything and everything. And everything relates to something she once did with Jimmie or Laura.)

So far for the baby we have a crib and mattress, lots of girl clothes, some boy clothes, some onesies, a changing table, three bags of diapers, 9 prefolds, a few AIOs and pocket diapers, a Jeep stroller, and some stuffed animals. Also some sheets, one mattress pad, one changing pad thingy, and that's about it. That I can remember. I'm sure there are other things, but that's it for now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

First time I'm blogging over here

Well, I've recently posted some blogs on MySpace but I'm afraid my MySpace friends aren't all that excited to see my pregnancy blogs. I'm sure some of them are, but not all of them want to know or care about how big my belly is getting.
So here's some quick facts:
Due August 23, 2007
I've been feeling the baby kick for about two weeks now, although I've had sensations that were probably kicking for around a month. Now I can sometimes feel it from the ourside.
I've gained 8 pounds as of my last midwife appointment on 3/28/07.
Our ultrasound is April 20th at 4 PM. We are not finding out if it's a girl or a boy.
We registered at Babies R Us and
I plan to breastfeed (yes, you can breastfeed with nipple piercings) and use cloth diapers (yes, I have researched how cloth diapers work, I think they will be better for the baby and the environment, if a little more time consuming)