Friday, May 01, 2009

Words everywhere

I haven't posted in a long time, been going through turmoil. However, Autumn seems blissfully unaffected. In light of recent emotional trauma that's entirely my own fault I thought it best that I focus on some of the good things in life. Recent developments from Autumn:

Sommersaults- This is a new thing she's learned to do. For a while she'd get on the back of the couch and roll off log-style. Or she'd put her head down on the floor and look through her legs. She then figured out that she could just push a little farther and roll right over. The first time she did this was in the bathroom at my mom's house. She tends to do it on the couch in the corner or onto Ruby. Poor Ruby puts up with a lot of abuse but they love each other.

Nicknames- Pretty much the only nickname Autumn has given is to Ruby, it's garubbica-rubica-rubby. When you ask if she wants to go she Grandma she asks, "Rubby, Wusty?" Clearly the animals take precedent in her life.

Commercials- Drop everything, the program has stopped and commercials are on. Apparently 30 seconds is the ideal length of a program for Autumn, she loves commercials and stares entranced when they are on. She's also a huge fan of Elmo, asks for him whenever I mention watching TV.

Dancing- I have quite the dancer, she moves and groves to music, any music. She swings her hips back and forth and sometimes throws her arms up in the air and waves her hands back and forth at the wrist. Very very cute but impossible to capture on video.

Words- We get a new word almost every day. Anything that ends with an N she says with a T. Therefore moon becomes moot, down is dowt, pen is pet. She calls drawing "circle" and also describes a large circle in the air. She knows most of her body parts, can show you exactly where her mocos are, and does a great impression of grandpa snoring. Kix cereal was balls for awhile but now it's kickball. She also gets one word stuck in her head and says it obsessively, for a week it was mammaday, which I think actually means mama-daddy. Recently it's oh no or just no. She's not adamant about it and says it as a response to everything.

Breakfast- Without fail every morning the first thing Autumn asks for is a cookie. She looks at me and says "cookie, yeah" like the yeah part will convince me that a cookie is a suitable breakfast. When I say no to a cookie she then asks for a "pop" or lollipop. Every morning she does this without fail.