Monday, March 26, 2012

A commissioned piece

Generally I crochet because I enjoy it. I make what I want, occasionally with a recipient in mind, sometimes just because I want to make something. I've never had anyone ask me to specifically make something for them, other than a hat or two and some amigurumi. I'm a big fan of "graphghans" and have made quite a few. One I made I ended up not giving to its intended recipient (a long story I will not go in to, suffice it to say the friendship ended nastily) and sold it to a friend of some friends. He was so impressed with this blanket her requested I make something else.
I must say that I didn't enjoy this project. I had to keep reminding myself that I was getting paid for it so that I could continue to work on it. I am not a car fan so that explains it. Here is the only picture I took of it.


I haven't mentioned it previously but I'm getting married soon. I undertook a project in December that at the time I had 9 months to complete (I'm not pregnant!) We ended up moving our wedding date WAY up so my project took on a sense of urgency. What project is it? 1,000 paper cranes, or Senbazuru. First off I'll show you my inspiration for this project then my progress pictures. (Does anyone have a suggestion for a blog app where I can embed pictures throughout the text instead of lumping them all at the end?)

Hexagons complete!

I've finished everything except for the border on the hexagon afghan I posted a preview of a while back. Several people have said it reminds them of tie dye or Laugh-In. Not my intention at all. I'm choosing to ignore these remarks and love it anyway. This will be lovingly gifted to my BFF of forever. Pattern used was from the wonderful Lucy at Attic24. I had a method to this afghan, I would say it was a bit OCD even. I'll refrain from posting any completed pictures until the ta-da but here are some from the WIP.