Sunday, October 07, 2012

Day four

Oh yesterday, what a long day! I'm sore today from the strength training I did, and managed to stay within my calorie goals. I've read a few articles about being skinny-fat, mostly aimed at men, but it seems like what I need to do is strength training and interval training, sprints and short term cardio. Endurance is not recommended, which I suck at anyway, but sprints and high resistance training are okay.

Today I crashed on the couch early then woke up and made N get up and take the kiddo. It was my dads bday so we went out to Olive Garden. I'm sure I overindulged. I had salad, a breadstick, Parmesan shrimp which had a delicious cheese marinara sauce with fresh basil, a glass of merlot and a few bites of pumpkin cheesecake. However, some Sunday is my short awake day I think I'll be okay. I did manage to get in a little extra walking this morning before I got off work.

This week I have midterms. I am a little stressed about the tests actually. It's been a long time since I've been in college and I don't know if this is even what in want to do.

If I can figure out what I ate today I'll post a screenshot later.

How was everyone else's Sunday?


Saturday, October 06, 2012

Day three recap

Yesterday was a good day. I ended up eating something different for my lunch, at normal people's dinner time. My parents made pork chops with stuffing, corn, and cranberry sauce and that sounded so much better than what I had planned. Because of that I ended up going over my calorie goal. However, it wasn't a lot and I was able to get some extra cardio in.

Today looks very similar to yesterday meal-wise. I'm already at work though, a long shift, so there's hopefully not going to be any opportunity to stray from my plan. Tomorrow is always a hard day, on my Friday I usually stay up for about 24 hours before a quick nap and in the past I haven't been sure how to count that. I suppose I should just measure in 24 hour increments, make sure I get the nutrition I need and exercise every 24 hours regardless of how much (or little) I sleep.

I have been using an app called IPT, it gives plenty of options for different strength training using gym equipment or just personal resistance. It rotates the muscle groups used daily and has a video for each exercise. Pretty cool! I also read an article yesterday about skinny-fat ectomorphs. That's totally me! Here's a link to it if you want to read it for yourself.

Today I have Halloween Oreos. Yum!

How's your weekend? Am I the only one working my ass off?


Friday, October 05, 2012

Day Two recap

Day two: success! I didn't stray from my meal plan and even got in a little bit more walking than I had planned on. To treat myself I went to Starbucks this afternoon for a skinny vanilla latte. I prefer not to drink my calories but I'm addicted to caffeine and I still had 120 calories left for today. I must say, I'm questioning the calorie count for my meatloaf sandwich yesterday, but I put all the ingredients into My Fitness Pal and it calculated it for me. Oh well.

Tomorrow I have a 15 hour shift at work so when I get off tomorrow morning I need to pack my food for the day before I hit the sack. Work is probably my second biggest downfall food-wise. I already mentioned the potluck on Wednesday, last night there was a 3 foot subway sandwich and about 25 cupcakes. Also a veggie platter but nothing I wanted off that. So I didn't eat any of it. I never know what sort of crap to expect my coworkers to bring, and sometimes I have a really hard time avoiding it. However, I have to say the workout lunch that is offered is awesome. Really helps me get some exercise in.

No exciting meals today. Tuna on whole wheat with a slice of cheese, a healthy choice frozen meal, apple, string cheese, Greek yogurt and sunflower seeds. I'm going to need some variety very soon, but for now I'm doing okay. Up half a pound from yesterday but still counting it as normal fluctuations.

-Any meal ideas you'd like to share with me? Something easily packable for taking to work.
-How many calories per hour does sex burn? I think that's a valid form of exercise I'm not including in my calculations.


Thursday, October 04, 2012

Day one recap

Well, day one is over. I feel fine. Only the rest of my life to go! (Please note that I will use a future pregnancy as an excuse to eat what I want, although I plan on exercising.) There was a potluck at work last night, sandwiches, soups, veggies, salads and this devilish creation called ice cream sandwich cake. I made good choices with the potluck until it came to the cake. I had to try it. It was pretty damn good, although not worth all the calories. I managed to get in 30 minutes of walking and woke up sore today. I am out of shape!

Today I have all my food ready to go, I came in a little over my calorie goal but I'm not sweating it. I have a strength routine ready to go for my lunch break and I'm feeling good today.

It has been suggested that I consider becoming a vegetarian for a while to jump start my metabolism. I'm actually not opposed to this, and will probably do it for a couple weeks as soon as I finish up the leftovers we have in our fridge. I can't provide a source, but I've read that the fewer legs a food has the better it is for you. Meaning fish > chicken > beef or pork. And since plants have no legs they are best of all. I guarantee Nick will not go for being vegetarian.

Ok, enough rambling for the day. My weight is one pound less than yesterday, which I doubt has anything to do with my "diet" and more to do with normal fluctuations.

How are you doing today? Got any good meal ideas to share, perhaps vegetarian or ones where I can easily go meatless while satisfying my meat and potatoes hubby?


Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Starting a weight loss journey

I'm happy in love. Which means I'm fat. Most of you who know me will say I'm not fat, that I'm crazy. Well I feel fat. My pants don't fit, I have a beer belly and my weight is 4 pounds from my highest ever non-pregnancy weight. I don't like how I look and feel. And I need to document what I'm doing so that I can be accountable. My goal is ~1 pound a week. Looks like I will need to eat about 1200 calories a day to do this. 1250 actually, according to My Fitness Pal. I will also do some sort of exercise 4 days a week. Two days I'm going to walk/jog/run for a total of 30 minutes, and two days I will do some strength training. I will try to post daily to let you know how things have gone.

So, here's where I expect to get off track. These have been my downfall in the past.
- My husband can eat lots more than I can and not gain weight. I sadly can keep up with him and gain weight.
- I lose focus or get distracted and it takes me days to get back on track.
- I'm not a big fan of exercising, especially by myself. It's even harder considering my work schedule is jacked up and my exercise usually occurs at 4am.
- Alcohol. I love me some wine and beer. It's not a low cal treat though.

Here's my goals:
- Eat an average of 1300 calories a day including an apple or some other fruit and veggies. Apples are always around my house so that's why I chose them.
- Lose 5 pounds by Thanksgiving, 10 pounds by January 15. That gives me 8 weeks to lose 5 pounds. My ultimate goal is 15 pounds, but that's far off.
- Four days of exercise a week, more if I can fit it in (perhaps convince the hubby to go on a bike ride?)
- Post daily shots of MyFitnessPal to keep me on track.
- Plan meals a week or two in advance so I'm never wondering what to eat and reaching for a slice of cake instead of something healthy.
- Drink a liter of water daily.

Anyone want to join me? Here's today's calorie count and my before picture. Eek!


Monday, March 26, 2012

A commissioned piece

Generally I crochet because I enjoy it. I make what I want, occasionally with a recipient in mind, sometimes just because I want to make something. I've never had anyone ask me to specifically make something for them, other than a hat or two and some amigurumi. I'm a big fan of "graphghans" and have made quite a few. One I made I ended up not giving to its intended recipient (a long story I will not go in to, suffice it to say the friendship ended nastily) and sold it to a friend of some friends. He was so impressed with this blanket her requested I make something else.
I must say that I didn't enjoy this project. I had to keep reminding myself that I was getting paid for it so that I could continue to work on it. I am not a car fan so that explains it. Here is the only picture I took of it.


I haven't mentioned it previously but I'm getting married soon. I undertook a project in December that at the time I had 9 months to complete (I'm not pregnant!) We ended up moving our wedding date WAY up so my project took on a sense of urgency. What project is it? 1,000 paper cranes, or Senbazuru. First off I'll show you my inspiration for this project then my progress pictures. (Does anyone have a suggestion for a blog app where I can embed pictures throughout the text instead of lumping them all at the end?)

Hexagons complete!

I've finished everything except for the border on the hexagon afghan I posted a preview of a while back. Several people have said it reminds them of tie dye or Laugh-In. Not my intention at all. I'm choosing to ignore these remarks and love it anyway. This will be lovingly gifted to my BFF of forever. Pattern used was from the wonderful Lucy at Attic24. I had a method to this afghan, I would say it was a bit OCD even. I'll refrain from posting any completed pictures until the ta-da but here are some from the WIP.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Preview of some recent projects

A few things I've made recently and a preview of the afghan in the works.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Personal Projects

This year I've decided to do somethings for me, to challenge myself. A personal project. I read this earlier and I realized I've already sort of done this in several ways. Last year I joined the 2011 Block-A-Month club on ravelry and made an afghan for my future mother-in-law (pictures to come, for some reason I didn't take pictures of the completed afghan) and I fully plan on doing it again this year. Here's the link for this year if you want to join me. I haven't decided what color scheme to use yet though!

Another crochet project I want to do is a monthly amigurumi. I finally got rid of my Women of Hawaii calendar and replaced it with a more family-centric amigurumi calendar. Each month there's a different pattern. I LOVE amigurumi and don't do it enough since I find myself working on afghans a lot. I found another group on ravelry (I effing love that site, can you tell?) that I've joined. Tonight is amigurumi night at work! I'm so excited to start!

Finally, some of you may or may not know I have a nail blog and I'm trying to do a 52 week nail art challenge. I'm a couple weeks behind but plan on catching up with my next two manis.

What about you? Do you have any personal projects for the year?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have a pen pal!

I signed up for a package pal at C.R.A.F.T. and I'm so excited to make something for her. A package pal is a bit like a pen pal except, well, you make them something handmade and in return she does the same for you. Wow, I'm sure you all figured that out without my explanation. She's linked me to her pinterest account and I think I've found the perfect thing! A couple of things actually!!! Since she has a link to this blog I won't reveal anything, but here's her blog, go check her out! She can sew!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My newest tattoo progress photos

I've been working on this since June, about 9 sessions so far and 2-3 more to go. These pictures are in order from stencil to last weeks session.