Friday, December 05, 2008

Just one of the joys of being a baby

Two weeks ago Autumn had what looked like a popcorn kernel on her upper gum. Since she'd been enjoying kettle korn at my parents the previous night I tried to pull it off which resulted in lots of screaming and my fingers never being allowed in her mouth again. We went to the dentist the next day for her to check it out but alas it was gone by then. Yesterday while at lunch with a friend, Autumn decided to show me her new tooth. In exactly the spot where the strange brownish-yellow blister thing has been. She would not allow me to lift her lip to look at it but my friend got her fingers in Autumn's mouth no problem. Little stinker. Poor baby last night could not sleep. I had to give her Motrin, break out a breastmilk ice cube and even give her a pacifier before she calmed down. I feel so bad for her, I remember getting molars in 9th grade and it was excruciating. She's doing just fine today but I'm sure when that other top tooth pops out in the next few days we'll be back to the sleepless night routine. Here's to tooth number 3! Go Autumn!