Thursday, April 04, 2013

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Monday, April 01, 2013

And some more waiting....

Today I had two more appointments, my surgeon (who I LOVE) and the perinatologist. I had a rather rough ultrasound tech so I'm a bit sore tonight. The surgeon basically told me the same as last time, surgery depends on any change in the tumor or lymph nodes. I'll need to have a biopsy of both lymph nodes before surgery. Most likely all that will wait until I deliver.

Perinatologist was another doctor I hadn't met yet, at the same office. I've been three times and have seen three different doctors. They did not have in my file that I had cancer and when I said something the nurse I was talking to changed her face completely, and then brought in the doctor. They said they would be comfortable with induction at 37 weeks. Which is July 3rd. Which means I'll probably have to share my birthday with the baby. I'm ambivalent about that, it's always been my big day!

So basically surgery depends on what the ultrasound Wednesday shows, and if it's the same or within an "allowable" amount of growth it's up to me. I'm mainly decided on waiting until after I deliver.

Waiting is the new black. Or something.