Saturday, October 19, 2013

Some Recent Work

Hi all!
I haven't updated in a while with crochet projects. Honestly I haven't been doing much. I made a baby blanket for a friend. Cute owl pattern, available <a target="_blank" href="">on etsy</a> and while it was cute and I enjoyed picking out the colors, I did NOT enjoy sewing the eyes on. Since the blanket is for a baby I crocheted the pupils instead of using buttons. It made for a lot of tedious stitching. This pattern also requires a lot of end-weaving. Altogether not my favorite thing to do. But the results are beautiful, and baby Izzy loves it!

I also made my little man a dinosaur hat. He was not amused by it.

Here's another baby blanket I made. I love this pattern, it's afghan stitch and it's a pattern my grandmother passed on to me. She called it Postage Stamp. The recipient of this blanket didn't reveal the sex of her baby until the baby shower. It's a boy, and I think my color choices are more girly. (Astute readers will notice I used the same colors as the owl blanket). Hopefully she loves it, and little baby Alasdair is also enjoying it.
The weather has started to turn chilly here and I realized that little man has no hats that fit him. I decided it was high time I make him something useful. So two hats it was. 

Modeling his new hat this morning. 

I think I'll do like I did with the girl and allow him to pick out his own pattern and colors for a blanket to call his own. So, a few years yet.

Finally, our best man and his girlfriend recently announced that not only are they expecting, but they are waiting on twin girls! How exciting for them! I quickly searched for blankets that I could make in two different colors, pink and purple, and got to work. I finally decided on <a target="_blank" href="">this cute pattern</a> and I'm going to do it like this
Here is my progress so far
Yes, that is a Clorox wipes container. It keeps balls of yarn from rolling all over the place. 

So, that's the crochet report for the last I-can't-remember-how-long. How's everyone doing?


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