Monday, March 11, 2013

Surgeon and follow ups

Last Monday I met with my surgeon. She told me straight off "you're going to be fine." No one had said that yet. It was good to hear. We discussed what type of surgery I would have, and what the risks were. I will have a total thyroidectomy. She also sent me for a full neck map ultrasound to check my lymph nodes. If it's spread to lymph nodes then I'll need a neck dissection as well. Surgery date will depend on the results of the ultrasound (and possible biopsy afterwards) as well as my thoughts. I can choose to have it done now, or of the ultrasound comes back clear I can wait till after the baby comes. I can't decide, but I'm leaning towards doing it sooner.

Today I had my neck map. The tech was really nice and said that she wasn't supposed to tell me anything but since I already knew it was cancer that she saw two lymph nodes to the right of my thyroid that looked questionable. They're close to the surface and she felt that I would probably get them biopsied. Told me that the left half of my thyroid looks totally normal. She said the cancer seems to be encapsulated inside a bunch of cysts, that she hadn't seen anything like that before. She said based on the proximity of the lymph nodes to the thyroid it probably won't end up being much more complicated than a thyroidectomy. Of course I'll wait to hear from my surgeon but just hearing that makes me feel better.

So more waiting. Waiting in waiting rooms, waiting in exam rooms, waiting for results, waiting to hear back from doctors about other appointments being scheduled. My whole life feels like there's waiting going on, either peripherally or immediately.


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engineermom said...

I am glad you are getting to make decisions about your care, it seems like you have a good doctor. I pray that everything works out and that you stay otherwise healthy.