Thursday, November 06, 2008

Babysitter issues

My aunt has been watching Autumn since I went back to work after maternity leave. She's older (in her 70s) and has been doing a pretty good job until recently. I think she's going senile or something. She lets Autumn sleep until 10:30 or 11 (which she never does when I'm home), feeds her one piece of toast for lunch, no breakfast, and leaves her in the same diaper for 6-7 hours! Poor baby has a blistery diaper rash all over, she screams when she gets her diaper changed and I don't blame her. She can't put her down for a nap since I put the baby swing away and so Autumn isn't getting naps until Jimmie gets home to watch her at about 4PM. Plus, she has been asked over and over to get here at 6:30 and the last two days Jimmie has had to make sure she's on her way as he's leaving the house because she's so late. Today she fell and hit her face between the time Jimmie left and before she got here. She apparently passed out and didn't get here until after 7AM. Which is concerning for two reasons 1) Autumn was alone for 20 minutes and 2) What if something worse had happened, like she died when she hit her head? I've already talked to Jimmie and told him he needs to wait for her before he leaves.

Next year my mom will be working Monday and Tuesday only and has said she will watch Autumn the other days that I'm working (and hopefully I'll be back to M-F by then) so there's a light at the end of the tunnel but until then I'm afraid I'm going to be coming home to a trashed house, dirty baby in wet diapers who's starving. I've talked to her and will again, but I'm not having much faith in it sticking.

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Jami said...

I am sorry that you are having these problems. I have had some of my own in the past. It seems like like only person cut out to watch your kids is you or at least that's how I felt and that is why I stay home I guess. For Autumn's rash try Bag Balm-green thick pastey stuff but it works or California Baby Calendula Creme- works great. Hopefully she doesn't have a yeast rash because then you have to get special ointment from the doc. Hope everything turns out alright I am always home if you ever need a last minute sitter.