Thursday, November 13, 2008

I spanked, I feel so bad

Last night Autumn slipped in the tub and bonked her noggin. She was fussy the rest of the night but didn't have any signs of concussion. This morning she was fussy too. Ive read her several books and made sure she was well fed and hydrated. She is grumpy though. Threw her phone at my head (excellent aim for a 15 month old too). Then I went to switch laundry from the washer to the dryer and in the time it took to do that she went into the bathroom, opened the cabinet, opened the drawer in the cabinet, took out 2 bottles of nail polish and 5 or 6 containers of Bare Minerals and threw them in the toilet and FLUSHED it! It was almost overflowing when I came back. I had to stick my damn hand in the toilet and use the pipe snake to get the stuff out. I was so frustrated that I spanked her. I feel terrible but it didn't affect her. I then put her in her crib and took a shower. I think she felt more punished with that than the spanking. I put her down for her nap early. Child is driving me nuts today, doesn't want to be held, doesn't want down. Only seems to want to nurse and I am not an endless supply of boobie for her. I'm hoping she'll be better after some sleep. I need to run an errand or two this afternoon.

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Jami said...

Spanking never really seems to phase my kids. Sky used to ask me to "kiss it and make it feel better" I thought it was so funny, but never could bring myself to kiss his little hiney. Saylor could care less. Don't feel bad sometimes you just have to let them know. and P.S. my kids drive me nuts on a daily basis, but that's just what kids do best. They are put on this Earth to test us -I think and they most certainly know how to do it.