Monday, November 03, 2008

More of the baby showers

Made another diaper cake, this one using the ridiculously expensive Seventh Generation diapers. They are unbleached and apparently the bleached ones create dioxin and other VOCs (I'm not sure if the other VOCs are just bleached or all disposables, haven't done that much research). But they have gel in them and you still throw human feces in the landfill (because, really, who throws the poop in the toilet like you're supposed to? I do only because I don't want turds in my washer but if I was using 'sposies I don't think I would) so what's the point of spending 2x as much on hippy diapers? My compromise was gDiapers but those are bleached. I know the whole diaper debate may not be of interest to many of you but I had to weigh whether I would prefer to throw tons of plastic and lord knows what else (caca) in the landfill or use more water resources. My decision was obviously to use cloth and therefore water. But my thinking is also that water can be purified whereas you cannot make more space. Plus, I am not getting any poop in the groundwater. I'm not meaning to come off preachy here, and honestly we do use disposables sometimes, one every night and I have them packed in my diaper bag. I just don't use the expensive ones. Oh yeah, and the articles I read claim that the unbleached diapers are just was white as the others. That's total BS. This diaper cake looked dingy.

Okay, off to Wal-mart for some mass comsumerism.

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