Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not mommy related

I got my teaching license on Friday. I'm excited and scared because now I know somewhat what to expect with teaching. I know it will be hard and lots of work but it's nothing like what I do now. Every day now just wears on me and I get physically sick to my stomach before going to work. That's terrible and no one should have to do that. My father is upset and says "You wasted a whole year of your life" whereas this time last year he was pushing and pushing me to get my license and teach. He's as fickle as I am. I've put in my application with APS and I'm answering the essay RRPS asks in their application. Probably will also apply with LLPS. I'm not decided on if I will sub or try for a regular classroom, I'll probably have better luck with the subbing department for now.

On a mommy-related note, today was the first contest for the New Mexico Baby Pageant. It was a photo contest and I entered this picture:

We'll get the results after the next two contests. Next week is the beauty contest and the week after is the costume contest. I think she was the cutest baby there, and by far the blondest.

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