Monday, October 20, 2008

A weekend to myself (sorta)

Jimmie left town Friday before I got home from work and has yet to return. He went to haul dead animals off the mountain for his dad. So I went S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G!!! I bought fabric to make nursing covers, a Halloween Tshirt for me and Christmas lights for the house (yes, I'm that far ahead of myself....truth is, last year I wanted LED icicle lights but couldn't find them so I snatched them up when I found them) I also bought two books, Twilight and New Moon. I literally devoured Twilight, I lay down to read it Saturday night and was up until 2AM. I finished it yesterday evening and started New Moon. Sunday was also the Beauty Pageant, Autumn was very cute and we even saw one of her friends from our old nursing support group. Autumn gave her a kiss, it was very cute. I don't think the mom remembered me though. That seems to be a common occurance, though, apparently I'm very forgettable. Pictures of Autumn in her pageant dress. (Look familiar Nicole?)

At home before the pageant:

She wanted me to wear her hat, so here it is!

On stage trying to make a run for it!

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