Sunday, October 05, 2008

A potty disaster

This is from September 25.....Autumn usually squats and poops when I'm on the toilet AND she's started bringing me diapers when she's dirty. I figured it was time to at least start the idea of sitting on the potty. So out I went to buy a potty today, got home, fed Autumn lunch and afterward put her on the potty, all the while modeling what she should do on the big potty. I even turned the water on to help her pee. Well, she had enough after about 10 seconds but I still wasn't finished. She ran out of the bathroom, peed all over the floor in the hallway and then stepped in it. I grabbed her and cleaned up her shoe and the floor and while she was watching me throw the toilet paper from cleaning the pee up in the toilet she peed on the floor in the bathroom. ARGH! But wait, I'm not finished yet! As she's walking in to the bedroom to get her diaper changed she squats and poops all over her shoes! Not a bit on the floor, just her shoes. This required a change of clothes for both of us, changing the changing pad cover, and cleaning the shoes with disinfecting wipes.
I think I'll put the potty in the closet for a while. She's obviously not ready for peeing on the potty.

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