Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not napping

Autumn is usually a great sleeper. Napping has never really been a problem until she started sleeping in her own crib. She will sleep from 9:30PM to 9:30AM. She used to nap after lunch for a couple of hours. The last week or so she hasn't been napping after lunch. She'll nap from 3-5 or so. I suppose it's because of her nighttime sleeping hours but if I want to get something done it's very hard to wait that long. Like for instance today I was planning on cleaning up the table and my desk and as soon as I got her to sleep in comes my mom and the dog. Dang it! She's been in her crib for an hour now not sleeping but not complaining either. And I haven't gotten anything cleaned at all.

Today she also did her first art, some fingrepainting. She wasn't sure about it at first and then took it literally and painted my finger! Here are some pics:

Hmm, what is this stuff?

Good thing this is non-toxic mom!

Fingerpainting taken literally

Serious artiste at work, do not disturb!

Finished masterpiece

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