Thursday, October 04, 2012

Day one recap

Well, day one is over. I feel fine. Only the rest of my life to go! (Please note that I will use a future pregnancy as an excuse to eat what I want, although I plan on exercising.) There was a potluck at work last night, sandwiches, soups, veggies, salads and this devilish creation called ice cream sandwich cake. I made good choices with the potluck until it came to the cake. I had to try it. It was pretty damn good, although not worth all the calories. I managed to get in 30 minutes of walking and woke up sore today. I am out of shape!

Today I have all my food ready to go, I came in a little over my calorie goal but I'm not sweating it. I have a strength routine ready to go for my lunch break and I'm feeling good today.

It has been suggested that I consider becoming a vegetarian for a while to jump start my metabolism. I'm actually not opposed to this, and will probably do it for a couple weeks as soon as I finish up the leftovers we have in our fridge. I can't provide a source, but I've read that the fewer legs a food has the better it is for you. Meaning fish > chicken > beef or pork. And since plants have no legs they are best of all. I guarantee Nick will not go for being vegetarian.

Ok, enough rambling for the day. My weight is one pound less than yesterday, which I doubt has anything to do with my "diet" and more to do with normal fluctuations.

How are you doing today? Got any good meal ideas to share, perhaps vegetarian or ones where I can easily go meatless while satisfying my meat and potatoes hubby?



Suzanne Harman said...
yummy mango quinoa salad. LOVE IT!
Good luck, stud muffin!

Treselaine said...

Sounds good, and the girl would probably eat it too!