Saturday, October 06, 2012

Day three recap

Yesterday was a good day. I ended up eating something different for my lunch, at normal people's dinner time. My parents made pork chops with stuffing, corn, and cranberry sauce and that sounded so much better than what I had planned. Because of that I ended up going over my calorie goal. However, it wasn't a lot and I was able to get some extra cardio in.

Today looks very similar to yesterday meal-wise. I'm already at work though, a long shift, so there's hopefully not going to be any opportunity to stray from my plan. Tomorrow is always a hard day, on my Friday I usually stay up for about 24 hours before a quick nap and in the past I haven't been sure how to count that. I suppose I should just measure in 24 hour increments, make sure I get the nutrition I need and exercise every 24 hours regardless of how much (or little) I sleep.

I have been using an app called IPT, it gives plenty of options for different strength training using gym equipment or just personal resistance. It rotates the muscle groups used daily and has a video for each exercise. Pretty cool! I also read an article yesterday about skinny-fat ectomorphs. That's totally me! Here's a link to it if you want to read it for yourself.

Today I have Halloween Oreos. Yum!

How's your weekend? Am I the only one working my ass off?


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