Friday, October 05, 2012

Day Two recap

Day two: success! I didn't stray from my meal plan and even got in a little bit more walking than I had planned on. To treat myself I went to Starbucks this afternoon for a skinny vanilla latte. I prefer not to drink my calories but I'm addicted to caffeine and I still had 120 calories left for today. I must say, I'm questioning the calorie count for my meatloaf sandwich yesterday, but I put all the ingredients into My Fitness Pal and it calculated it for me. Oh well.

Tomorrow I have a 15 hour shift at work so when I get off tomorrow morning I need to pack my food for the day before I hit the sack. Work is probably my second biggest downfall food-wise. I already mentioned the potluck on Wednesday, last night there was a 3 foot subway sandwich and about 25 cupcakes. Also a veggie platter but nothing I wanted off that. So I didn't eat any of it. I never know what sort of crap to expect my coworkers to bring, and sometimes I have a really hard time avoiding it. However, I have to say the workout lunch that is offered is awesome. Really helps me get some exercise in.

No exciting meals today. Tuna on whole wheat with a slice of cheese, a healthy choice frozen meal, apple, string cheese, Greek yogurt and sunflower seeds. I'm going to need some variety very soon, but for now I'm doing okay. Up half a pound from yesterday but still counting it as normal fluctuations.

-Any meal ideas you'd like to share with me? Something easily packable for taking to work.
-How many calories per hour does sex burn? I think that's a valid form of exercise I'm not including in my calculations.


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